Updated GYMC Mandatory Vaccination Policy


Since October 1, 2021, everyone entering the GYMC Facility must be vaccinated against COVIDs 19, as recommended by the Ministry of Health and Provincial Health Officer. Subject to the exemptions enumerated in this policy, the GYMC requires you to obtain a vaccination for COVIDs 19 prior to engaging in any lessons (single or group), events or any other business that brings you into the GYMC Facility. Beginning November 13, your proof of complete vaccination must be verified with Ontario’s new Vaccination Certificate with QR code. Our VACCINATION FORM is available for you to confirm your fully-vaccinated status, and you should only  complete the form once. Paper copies will be available on request. Your vaccination status and detail information will be held in strictest confidence by GYMC management. You can read and download the GYMC Policy Statement here (effective November 13, 2021).