GYMC scent-free facility policy


The Guelph Youth Music Centre (GYMC) recently instated a scent-free facility policy due to increasing awareness. The GYMC will issue new guidelines to ensure the facility is a scent-free environment for all staff and visitors wherever possible.

For the general population, exposure to scents is not typically problematic, however occasionally the presence of perfumes and other scented products can present indoor air quality concerns that may affect comfort. For a few, scented products may present a risk of health hazard, so the GYMC executive has agreed that a scent-free facility is the best approach.

This decision was based on reports regarding pre-existing conditions, such as chemical sensitivities or sensitizations, as well as other symptoms which exposure to some odours can cause a range of ill health effects. Symptoms noted have included: headaches, dizziness, light-headedness, nausea, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, upper respiratory symptoms, and/or skin irritation.

Scented products commonly include:
· Personal hygiene products (i.e. shampoo, conditioner, hairsprays, deodorants, colognes, after shaves, fragrances, perfumes, lotions, saps, cosmetics and creams)
· Industrial and/or household chemicals and cleaners
· Air fresheners (i.e. deodorizers, potpourri, oils and candles)

The new policy takes effect immediately. The GYMC requests everyone who visits to refrain from using scented products or any discernible scent. Cleaning services at the GYMC will be scheduled to occur at a time of reduced occupancy whenever possible. Future cleaning products will be scent-free if possible and when it does not affect Public Health compliance.