GYMC Donation Matching Challenge


It’s been a tough year for the Guelph Youth Music Centre (GYMC), just it has for many due to the pandemic. The GYMC faces a $100,000 deficit and is in urgent need of support to continue its music, dance and arts programs. Fortunately, a generous donor has pledged to match donations up to a total of $50,000 to help close the gap and the GYMC hopes the community will help meet the goal.

“The GYMC is so important to so many in this community,” commented Gabriella Currie-Ziegler, Executive Director of the GYMC. “We are very grateful for the support during these hard times and thrilled to share the matching challenge program offered because of a major donor. This will allow the GYMC to come back stronger than ever and enable vital programs to continue for children and youth in our community.”

Children and youth from six months to 25 years-old regularly engage in many programs at the GYMC on a daily basis. Programs include all aspects of arts education and recreation, including music, fine art, drama, dance, brass rubbing, heraldry, and support for children with special needs.

Annually, participants include:

  • 5,800 program participants (GYMC and other renters’ programs)
  • 2,200 children use the GYMC every week (average)
  • 22,760 community members participated at the GYMC
  • 30 diverse arts programs currently running at the GYMC
  • 75 concerts, recitals, performances & special events take place

The Matching Challenge is a rare opportunity to make each donation go further and double the impact. The GYMC is looking to the community to keep the dream alive, and preserve and build on what was made possible by the contributions of so many past donors, tens of thousands of volunteer hours, and the love and dedicated work of teachers, artists, and musicians to benefit the youth and all in our community.

To donate, mail your cheque payable to the
Guelph Youth Music Centre
75 Cardigan Street, Guelph, ON  N1H 3Z7